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All of our service and support programs begin by working closely with our customers to get a better understanding of their needs and expectations. With knowledge of your objectives and continuous feedback of our product's performance, we are able to address new and future products or help solve a problem.

Sales & Marketing

Director of Sales & Marketing
Randy Palinski - 254-741-5422

Power Product Manager
Graham Cook- 254-741-5437

Mechanical Product Manager
John Wentworth - 254-741-5423

Contracts / Export Compliance
Susan Compton - 254-741-5410

Field Sales Engineers

Jill Malone - 254-741-5460

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Manager
Oswaldo Vargas - 254-741-5427


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Accounts Payable
Cindy Stone - 254-741-5414

Accounts Receivable (Power Products)
Autumn Gray - 254-741-5415

Accounts Receivable (Mechanical Products)
Michelle Strowger - 254-741-5401

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Customer Service

Power Products - New & Repairs
Michelle Strowger - 254-741-5401

Mechanical - OEM / Power Transmission
Phil Cummings - 254-741-5458

Mechanical - Airline / Aftermarket
Anthony McGee- 254-741-5430

Mechanical - Government / Military
Sonia Nelson - 254-741-5428

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Mechanical Products:

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Human Resource

Human Resources Manager
Cathy Allen - 254-741-5463