Battery Products

Micro Maintenance Batteries

MarathonNorco's Micro Maintenance (M3) batteries are improved low-maintenance Nickel-Cadmium batteries that supply reliable power for large commercial aircraft, regional aircraft, military aircraft, corporate aircraft and helicopters. M3 batteries are FAA-PMA approved for many aircraft models offered in sizes from 17 to 75 ampere-hours are interchangeable with existing batteries. Therefore, you can easily make the change to a low-maintenance battery without aircraft modifications and can service the product with your existing battery shop equipment.

SuperPower Batteries

The rechargeable vented Nickel-Cadmium batteries are widely used for engine starting and emergency power in commercial, corporate and military aircraft - fixed wing and rotary. They also supply power for military weapons, ground vehicles, medical and telecommunications equipment. The SuperPower Battery product line has been designed to provide maximum power for engine and APU starting applications.


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