Mechanical Products

MarathonNorco Aerospace has made great strides to be a leader in the development of power transmission, motion control, and mechanical apparatus products for a global marketplace. We are dedicated to meet and exceed customer expectations with our innovative product designs and engineering solutions. Wheather it's a simple locking device that holds up under high sheer and tension loads, a telescoping or fixed length hold-open strut, or our unique linear actuators, our customers will find an affordable standard product. By partnering with our customers, we provide custom designs to turn their performance objectives into working solutions.

Custom Design Capabilities

Through cooperation and teamwork, our experienced engineers welcome the chanllenges of today's business technologies with nearly limitless design configurations. Our custom designs can accommodate materials of any type, including stainless steels and alloys, plastics, fiberglass, polyester, and other sophisticated compounds.

MarathonNorco's lines of Miniature and Rollnut linear actuators and Ball Reverser actuators are at the heart of all our custom designed drive systems.

The Rollnut, Miniature Rollnut, and the Rollnut Oscillator employ rollers to provide a smooth, quiet conversion of rotary motion to linear motion with minimal backlash. Virtually maintenance free, our Rollnuts are available with built-in guides for more precise control and can offer long leads for low RPM operation yielding maximum linear conversion.

MNAI's Ball Reverser and Diamond Reverser Actuators convert rotation of a shaft into reciprocating linear motion. Their design flexibilities are widely accepted in many applications and can easily be retrofited for any use.

Miniature Rollnut Value Added Assemblies

MNAI's Miniature Rollnut value added assemblies are custom designed for use in specialty mechanisms, such as laboratory and medical diagnostic instruments, or any application where precise, repeatable motion control is required. These unique products allow greater flexibility, increased mechanical efficiencies and reduced energy requirements. Our Drive System Solutions feature a roller that rotates in sealed, life-time-lubricated ball bearings, and can include motors, sensors, switches and other electrical hardware engineered for your specific application.

Application List

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